Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Yes. It sure hurts when  they help you with one hand and backstab you with the other.

But it hurts even more when they do it again

Monday, 13 August 2012


some drawings I made during my absence.

Monday, 14 November 2011


When the game came out, I always wanted to play it.
so I bought a pirated one. The game play and graphics was nice , storyline is typical but historical. But as most pirated games are... there's no online play.
no updates, no multiplayer and some(most) cut scenes have been cutted.

Then, one fine day.... As i was minding my own business on maya ( a computer modeling program) . My moral groupmate informed me that he sent me the file for our moral presentation. So I opened my email to check.
it turns out I havent been checking my mail. So I begin to read.
then, One particular email caught my eye:
Steam Store : you received a gift copy of the game Shogun Total war 2

Thinking that's its a prank, I proceed to open it anyway.
and then! a pop up appeared. its the steam installer asking me to install the game.
I was : "What!? Seriously??"

Someone has been too kind to me. I dont know why though....

Monday, 12 September 2011

A little encouragement goes a long way~

it's only the 2nd week, and already had a long week.

Maya: a new software where we (finally) learn the secrets of animation.
drawing for animation: Drawing with markers. then using pen for details.
photography: It's fun. But High expectations from lecturer.
2D animation: A software so old, it's not even a software... ... By using the traditional methods of drawing, create a 30 min video.
life drawing : Not yet started.

Moral: intimidation, and more intimidation.

Studies are fun. but they take a lot of work and time. ... .... and money
I received an encouragement letter. And felt way better.
Thank you.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A day to remember?

"Even with his poor eyesight, he can see the truth. Why is it that you cannot?..."

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

my First Youtube upload

It's about a man and the Door ( duh!)

the man tries to push open the door and could not open it. he tries again and again, he uses his weapons and powers but still could not open it.
At the end, we see that it's actually a Pulling door, you gotta pull to open it.

I got the initial idea from seeing my housemate trying to open his room door when he lost his key. Yes, his room door is locked. he had to spend all night trying to open his door in vain. then, another house mate used the spare key to open the door for him.

That was initially what i was gonna do, but i changed it.
Sometimes, when we're doing stuff, we thought the way we do it is always the right way. Maybe because it always works and we keeping doing it. Then we fail one day not knowing why.
maybe it suppose to be the Other way?

hope you enjoy the video,
I (may) put up more videos

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The difference between the best and the average.

I met an Ex-school mate toady. He was hanging out with another bunch of friends. Some Whom I knew, And some never knew.
We Chatted about stuff that has happened to us during the years which we haven't seen each other.
Somehow, the topic Changed to Me, and what I do.

So, I told this friend that TOA (The One Academy) has a lot of homework, so much it takes your sleep away.
its not because of bad time management, its just that a good work takes time to do.

Of course, Some people just don't believe it.
I don't blame them.
when I was in Secondary School, Im not the type to do homework. So telling these people that I stayed up to 5.45 am doing nothing but my assignments doesn't make any sense. So I tried to sincerely tell these guys that what I said was very true and real. It's happening to all (yes ,all) students in the One Acadeny who wants to pass the semester.

Another art student among the group who's not from TOA, Explained that I could have just take an Idea from google, and use it for my projects, Also, I could have paid professionals to do my all assignments for me. When all else fails, just bribe the lecturer. With that, I ask him if he know what a 'learning process' is, and above all, originality' .

he started talking about leaving originality to the professionals and learning process is just a phrase for teachers to make money. but what tickes me of most is :'.... .... After all, what your just doing is, drawing and painting, right?

Wrong, Bloody wrong.

After leaving the group, It make me a little worried about the future, Will All Malaysian Artist be like this? No wonder They say Malaysia isn't a good place to study art! It's all because of idiots like these.

Oh, God, Please help us Malaysian artist and designers in future.